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Friday, May 31, 2013

Easy Crown

While preparing for the next big birthday bash, I have been racking my mind for ways to save money and still  give a great party. I have made most of the decor, sewed costumes (parties are just more fun when you get to dress up!) and hot glued until I realized (several times) why it is called "Hot" glue.

I want to devote several posts to pieces of this party that I have done. So ... this is the first! 

I was thinking about how to make a crown for my little man without going to Burger King to ask for one. I don't even know if they still have kid crowns. I also want it to be something 5 year old will willingly wear, so the fit and feel needs to be comfortable. Here is what I came up with using 2 felt sheets (80 cents), a milk jug (free), and sequins (50 cents). The price is right...

I cut up the gallon milk jug into a shape of a crown - it is the perfect size for his head! - and glued the felt around the crown with the seam up.

Cut the felt and glued the loose pieces.

Looks like a crown!

Time to decorate!

Ta Da!

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