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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Kitchen Island

I found a great find on Craigslist. I hadn't looked for a kitchen island in a couple of years because the size I needed in an island would cost over $900 new and I couldn't seem to find one used. But my lucky day came when Jeremy and I were waiting for a Shakespeare play to start and I was poking around on my phone trying to find a trundle bed for my son (haven't found one I like yet. Good thing it isn't an urgent matter.). I was able to find this one only a couple miles from my home!

 I was able to pick this up for $100. The problem was that it was definitely not the right color, had paint peeling and also some water damage... I also wasn't thrilled with the country look. While not really into ultra-contemporary styles, I would prefer an updated look. So I got to work...
With a little help with my munchkin. And about $30 in paint and hardware. I had to cut out the damaged wood and fill it in. Take the doors and hardware off. Sand it. Protect what I didn't want to paint with painter's tape. Paint it. I also bought new knobs and a handle to use as a towel rack... and Voila!
I still plan on sanding and refinishing the top. However, I was on a bit of a time limit and didn't want to rent a hand sander. My mother is renovating her garage, so when her things are out of storage, I can borrow hers. I also think I will stain the wood a slight shade before applying polyurethane.

I am very happy with the outcome. And the fact that it isn't white (as my husband really wanted). The last time I refinished furniture I was pregnant and thought it was a lot of work. I now acknowledge that it is a lot of work whether or not you are pregnant. Although, it was much more therapeutic without little kids crying at the window or wanting attention. But whenever I am working in my kitchen I think it was well worth it!