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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Packing the kids

Me and the kids are hitting the road. I am looking forward to it, but I always dread packing, fearing that I will leave something out. After doing this a couple times, I think I have this down so I thought I would brainstorm and share. If you have any other ideas, let me know!

My biggest issue is organization. I mean, how do you organize a big bag you are planning to live out of? Little kids need so much stuff when we leave town that they have 2 LARGE bags to my 1 medium one (that includes my pillow). My biggest secret is: ziplock bags. I use a ton of them for the kids stuff. But I can use them over and over so it doesn’t seem like such a waste AND it makes life easier.
  • 1 ziplock for each day worth of clothes. This cuts down on over packing or not finding the matching whatever in the bottom of the bag.
  • 1 ziplock for each night worth of clothes.
  • 1 ziplock for toiletries. This is great so shampoo or lotion doesn't explode in the bag.
  • 1 ziplock of snacks. A must for my children. I only had one for an airplane flight, but I will end up bringing more than that this trip because we are driving so there is no limit.
  • 1 ziplock of baby feeding stuff. I won’t need much this trip since my daughter is now over the bottles, jars and formula. But I will need to bring sippy cups, forks and spoons.
Organized Chaos... 
I find disposable baby stuff is great on longer trips and at theme parks. I have only ever bought these things once since I don’t use them often. You can get disposable changing pads, bibs, placemats and washcloths. They don’t take up a lot of space. I also can’t forget the diapers and wipes (which Do take a lot of space.

Case of kid DVDs
1 bag of toys
Portable crib and baby blanket with sleeping animal
Also a couple of extra outfits is a good idea...

The first time I used this method was in August when Jeremy and I went to Mexico - our first time leaving the kids... for a whole week. In the past, when I just made a bag I would come back with my kids wearing the strangest combination of clothing and pajamas. The kids don't seem to care but... anyway, when I used my new ziplock packing with my kids clothing there was no question of what went together or if I packed enough. Mission Completion!