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Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Years Resolution to Vacation

A couple years ago, my husband and I realized that the vacations we want to go on NEVER happened because we didn't plan for them. This would not do! I know that memories are made every day, but have you ever noticed that the memories you cherish the most are the special times you did something unique? Especially for kids. So we made a resolution to plan our year for each New Year. This has worked out really well since we started three years ago.

It is really very simple. On New Year’s Day we investigate costs associated for the trips we want to take that year and then we put it on our calendar. By knowing when and how much things costs, we are able to come up with a budget and a savings plan so we have the funds to go. It is also helpful to know your plans so that you can keep a lookout for any deals.

Our first year, we were able to save for a one week Anniversary cruise for my husband and I to Mexico. This was our first time away from them so just juggling where they would be was an experience. We also made a three day trip to Disneyland around my daughter's birthday and a couple camping trips with the kids. 

Last year, we went camping a couple times. We went to Tahoe to ski for a week and a day at Disneyland. We also planned for a trip to Colorado and Arizona, but the trip to Colorado for Thanksgiving was canceled since Colorado family members there were all sick with the flu. We did make it to AZ to visit my husband's family and see his grandmother for her 95th birthday.
 This year, we are really excited to make it to Colorado this summer. My husband and I went to Tahoe without the kids for 3 days for business and fun time together. We are also planning a train ride to San Diego to take the kids to see the sites and visit Sea World. We were also considering a trip to Hawaii without the kids, but have decided that we need to hit our business goals. (Besides, we hit our goals and the company will send my whole family for free next year.)

Next year we would like to go to Australia!

How about you? Do you make the resolution to vacation?

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