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Monday, September 12, 2016

Best 4 year old Party

If you love the outdoors, ranches, or horses, you will love this!

I am super behind on posting. While looking through my pictures, and my blog, I realized that I never posted about this party. It would be a HUGE shame not to share. So here I am, two years after the fact posting about it, but since the people who attended are still talking about it... here goes.
My daughter is nuts about horses. Still is. She loves going to the ranch and riding with me, AND wearing boots. The girl wears pink boots almost everyday. If fact I used her first toddler boots as center pieces, since they were so cute I hated to part with them.

I asked if I could have her birthday party at the ranch my mom's horses are at.  Given the go ahead we borrowed one of the ponies for horse rides, and my mom's draft horse, Duke, also got drafted for kiddy rides. Parents did sign wavers, and kids did wear helmets. I paid a couple of the teenage riders at the ranch for the help. They were awesome with the kids walking them around the arena.

All the kids got cowboy hats and bandanas.
The party was for brunch. So Bagels, fruit and eggs made a very simple food selection.

Horse Shoe Craft! Kids got Golden, or Silver, horse shoes to decorate to add their horse-ride picture to after the party.
I also had a table with a bunch of options for kids to make their own Trail Mix.
Duke is being good in the background.
No party is complete without CupCakes!