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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting ready for Holidays

My Halls are decked. Half of my house is blue and white, and the other half is Red and White. I am officially finished with all of my shopping and some of my projects. I have even decided what to make Christmas Morning and what treats to make the first and last nights of Chanukah. Good right. I am giving myself a pat on the back.

I wanted to post the "craft" that I made today because I want to remember it for next year. I think it will be a hit on Christmas morning! My son is 4 so he is really into Santa, Rudolf, the Polar Express and our house elf. I have to be very careful that I do Santa right, or my smart cookie will ask me "Mommy, How come....?" so to keep the magic alive I am trying to stretch my creativity: Santa has his own wrapping paper and his own gift tags.

The tags are from Avery that I bought at staples and I used Silver marker and red glitter glue to write SC.

NOTE: my kids aren't the only ones who get Santa gifts. Any visiting family also get a little something from SC.