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Friday, February 24, 2012

Freezer Beans and Rice

I had great freezer cooking sessions the last couple days. I restocked the brown rice. I made some chicken soup and froze most of it since my husband wasn’t home for dinner. And I am happy to announce that I finally made my own “refried” beans.

I overcooked the rice a little this time around. I didn’t have any chicken stock (in the crockpot at this moment), but the next batch I whip up I want to remember to use some stock to give some added nutrition. I used about a pound of rice and a cup of quinoa and made 4 quart size bag portions. I figure that if the going rate of a ready-to-eat portioned rice is about $1.25 each and my dry rice was only $1. I am saving at least $4 and a bunch of preservatives by making it myself.

I am really happy with the way my beans came out. I soaked the pinto beans overnight and put them in the crock pot with a cut onion, water and my beef stock. It took about 5 ½ hours on low. I took my immersion blender to blend and voila! The flavor is a little different than the canned Rosarita beans I’m used to, but I figure that flavor can be added when I reheat depending on what I am cooking along with it. But they were good! When I reheat them on the stove I can add more unions, garlic and cheese to the mix. It made 4 quart size bag portions. If a can costs $1.20 each and my beans cost me $1.00… Then I saved about $3.80 and a bunch of preservatives and trans fat by making it myself.

I plan on cooking other types of beans and lentils for the freezer too so I can add them to foods quickly. I would love to stop buying canned goods altogether.

All-in-all I like this type of freezer cooking. Love my slow cooker because who has time to stay home and babysit a pot?! Doing a little each week goes a long way in making our meals faster and healthier throughout the week.