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Friday, November 2, 2012

Transition to Working Mom

I think the title of this post is funny since I consider that being a Mom a lot of work. Simple errands are an adventure! But since my two year old started preschool, I have been thinking that I would like to occupy my time doing something other than mopping the floors. Before having my son I took the CBEST thinking that I would like to teach. I was sooo fortunate to get a job at the school district as a substitute teacher. This has been great! I am able to have a very similar schedule as my kids and easily take off days that something is going on. I took a day off when my little man was up all night sick; and another to take my daughter on a field trip.

I like the flexibility. But I have to say that on the nights I work I am exhausted! I come home and sit. I just don’t have the energy to get up or cook or clean up. My husband has been amazing picking up and dropping off kids and even cooking. So here are the differences… I used to get the kids up dressed and ready in the morning, make lunches, breakfast and then schlepp the kids to school before running around before picking them up. Now, when I am working I still have to get lunches ready (including mine) and get kids up and dressed, but hubby is making breakfast, taking kids to school and even making dinner.

One thing I knew that needed to change is the way I have my meal plans drawn out. Otherwise I could see us wanting to eat out every night… 
Refrigerator Before...
and yes, that is a New Year card from last year
So I bought a cheap frame and glued some magnates on the back.

Made a cute Menu print out and printed on stationary. 

And voilĂ , a visible menu easy for daddy to follow and mommy to plan for.
MUCH Better!
It still isn't as clean as some refrigerator doors that I've seen on Pinterest. But we have to do what works for us. Before I wrote in my own book and kept track of meal plans, but that just wasn't working out with the change in duties. I really like this change and think that once the kids are reading, there might be less complaining over their dinner since it was posted for them to see. It has made a huge difference in our planning!

What do you do?

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