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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organization Etc.

I have been keeping my mind busy researching sewing projects (what do I want to do first?!), acquiring the necessary stuff for my soon-to-be garden, trying to find time to read a book I said I would read, researching beds since my daughter is going to need one soon (more on that later!), and getting distracted from all the things I want to do by Pinterest and my messy house. Phew!

Ok, so for my garden I bought the seeds and peat pots. I picked up some dirt that a neighbor on craigslist was trying to get rid of. Saturday I am taking the kids to the ranch where they can get good and dirty… and I can pick up some horse um stuff. I am really hopeful that I will be successful this time around and acquire some greenness on my thumb. I am so excited about having fresh vegetables from a garden! And I know my son would love to “help,” possibly might even grow a desire to eat vegis… well, that would be nice.

So as I was saying, I got in a strange mood yesterday and HAD to organize my “new” freezer and cabinet. My freezer is like a new toy. I wanted to get some bins to organize it a bit. Let’s call it prevention. I would hate for it to ever look like my little freezer did.  My cabinet is really a garage storage thing that I use in my kitchen to hold my microwave. It is great to have the space because I truthfully have nowhere to put anything that is housing in the cabinet and it conveniently works with a child lock so the kids don’t get hurt or into trouble.
For my baking goods, I have been collecting the Rubbermaid containers for a couple months and I like them more than the Tupperware I had. They take up a lot less space and are clear. So I have decided to sell the Tupperware set on craigslist, they are still sitting there for practically free compared to what they would cost to buy from a consultant. I bought a plate organizer for my cookie sheets – this is what really prompted an entire reorg session. I found the organize wrack for $3 and I couldn’t pass it up. The results were amazing! I didn’t take a before picture because you couldn’t really see anything anyway.