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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Good Thing

I am so excited to get extra freezer space! I have wanted a separate freezer since our family started growing, and so I told Jeremy that I wanted a freezer from Santa Clause. We have not used credit cards in over two years and so I put together a plan.

Before we went to the store to look at our choices, we disagreed on whether an upright or chest would best suite our needs and space. I won ;) Then, I figured out the perfect solution to getting the freezer for a reasonable amount of money

Here is how I was able to get it sooner rather than later:
            First I would purchase gift cards at for Home Depot since they seemed to have the largest selection and I could get free shipping. I was going to purchase these over a couple months to stretch out our budget. The freezer I chose retailed $549 but I saw it go on sale for $420, so I wanted to accumulate enough to cover the tax and wait for the sale price. Through Plastic Jungle, I could purchase the gift cards for 9% less than the card value.
            Once I had accumulated enough gift card money, I would go through Ebates to Home Depot to purchase the freezer. Shipping would be free. AND with ebates I could get another 3% cash back!

            So the breakdown:                   $ 549
- sale    $ 129 = 420                       
- 9%     $ 37.80 = 382.20      
- 3%     $ 12.60 =             
                                                            $ 369.60 Not Bad

Well… It was a good plan. But I continued to check craigslist just-in-case a reasonable price came up (I don’t mind buying used as long as it wasn’t ancient). Before I continue, you must know that I looked online for about 3 months before I was about to buy a gift card to start this process. The night I was going to buy the first gift card, my husband told me to “wait until tomorrow” (this is because he wanted me to focus on the movie we were watching instead of interrupt with questions). But the next day a good deal came up!

I found a freezer that was 5 years old, not used in a couple years but working, that was the same size as the one I was looking to buy. Fate. I negotiated it down from $195 to $150! Yahooo

I am so happy with it! Not only did we get a freezer so I can see what we have now, buy more sale items and freezer cook to my hearts content (I started last night with a box of potatoes my mom gave me); but it also prompted us to clean out our attached garage/office space. Purge and put away… too much of a good thing is a GOOD thing ;D

<--- By the way, I have to add that 98% of the stuff in there was squished in my tiny kitchen freezer and there is still stuff in that freezer. Crazy