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Friday, March 30, 2012

Lemon Goodness and Flop

So here is an update on the Lemon Love post. There were two things I did with the lemons that needed time and so I wanted to write about what happened. One was a success and the other a Flop.

First I was planning to extract the oil from the peel:  Big Flop. I didn’t get very far. I thought I did everything right, but mold found my peels. Yuck! I was very sad about this but I wasn’t about to continue with the experiment and use contaminated oil. Oh well… maybe I will try this again with my oranges. I am waiting for an afternoon of no plans and no rain to be able to pick oranges and take care of that business.
One flop deserves a success! 

The next experiment was to make an enzyme cleaner with lemon and orange peels, brown sugar and water. Simple to put together and babysit. It was supposed to take 3 weeks and that time has come and gone. It was really interesting that I had to let the pressure out of the bottle sometimes more than once a day until the mixture decided it was ready. After the 3 week waiting period, the gas buildup was not really noticeable so could easily stay sealed.  But I must say that the air coming out of the container smelled nice and citrusy. Very pleasant!

The ultimate test: trying it out. I diluted the enzyme with water at a 1:1 ratio and put it to the test around my kitchen. I have to say that I almost expected to see little “enzymes” eating away at the grime, but it wasn’t nearly as dramatic. In fact it acted as any other cleaner does… only it smells much better! 

I actually tried it out in a couple of places. It felt like water when I was cleaning, although it worked better and on my flours it did the job and felt clean afterwards (I secretly thought my flours and countertops would have a sticky residue but not a bit of stickiness to be found.). Can’t wait to try it in other ways!

According to HappyHommaker88 , some wonderful uses for this non-toxic concoction are:
1)  do dishes and laundry (use 1/4 cup of enzyme)
2) for washing bathrooms and toilets. grime comes off easily (1 part enzyme to 10 parts water) 
3) for removing stubborn stains and odors (colored fabrics and floors) (use undiluted)
4) to clean vegetables and fruits (1 part enzyme to 10 parts water)
5) clear blockages in kitchen sinks and drains (use concentrated or blended pulp/sludge of enzyme)
6) as a natural insect repellent (use undiluted) for ants, cockroaches.. (pouring some enzyme into sink/bath/shower stall drainage holes will deter cockroaches).
7) as a floor wash to mop floors shiny clean (1 part enzyme to 20 parts water)
8 ) as fertilizer for vegetables, flowering and non-flowering plants (use 1 part enzyme to 20 parts water)
9) as a skincare product, e.g. facial cleanser or toner (1 part enzyme to 2 parts water)
10) wash cars – cars will look as if they have just been polished! (1 part enzyme to 20 parts water)

It is so nice to have multipurpose cleaners like this. Why buy all of those “1 thing” cleaners when you can have a bottle of vinegar and a bottle of this cleaner that does it all? I am really looking forward to making more batches and experimenting with this. Especially with Pineapple and other fruits to see what balance I like the most. I might as well capitalize on this season of lovely fruits and make enough for the rest of the year.