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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bread Epiphany

I had this amazing “Ah HA!” moment and had to share with the cyber universe.
I have a million things on my mind this morning since we are planning on driving to Tahoe tomorrow (last minute trip!) and so I am packing and menu planning and thinking of what I can do now to make life easier this week. One thing is make a couple loaves of bread so we don’t have to buy some – I have become rather spoiled with my yummy homemade bread.

So there I was in the kitchen with all my millions of ingredients making my wheat grain bread and then – Bam! I have been making all these mixes lately (Cappuccino MixMuffin Mix, Cornbread Mix, etc.) and I’ve been brainstorming on other mixes I can make to make life a little easier. BREAD MIX!

Bread doesn’t take that long so I don't find it a burden, but who wouldn’t love a couple extra minutes to do something else?

So I took my recipe that I already had all the ingredients out for and realized that by adding the dry ingredients in a bag. I would only need 3 ingredients when I next make bread, which will be right when I get back from my trip with the kids.

I put all the ingredients and measurements in a bag and labeled it with the ingredients that will need to be added to the breadmaker later. The ingredients to be added are: water, oil, and yeast (which I keep in the freezer). Easy right?!

In fact, I’m going to make a dinner roll mix to take with us for dinner one night. This idea has just changed my life!

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