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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A bed for my Sarah

Part 1
After a lot of searching and searching I finally have a bed for Sarah… sort of. Here is the story of what I ended up doing.

This took a lot of thought (that hurts).  I really was not interested in purchasing a new bed for $1000 that I loved that my toddler would destroy, as toddlers tend to do. I ended up getting the whole bed practically free. Rejoice!

The objective: girlly wood trundle bed

A bed a Costco that fit the bill was close to $1000. So not happening!  I didn’t spend a penny on my son’s bed – gotta love grandparents who don’t need a guest room anymore. I began looking online at craigslist and keeping a look out on freecycle in my area. Bingo!

Bed frame: Wood day bed from freecycle
Trundle: This was a little more complicated.

I found a person one mile away that had a metal daybed with a trundle and they wanted $30. A steal since just the trundle would have cost me $100 plus. So I jumped on it. Now I have an extra bed frame to sell.

Now it would have been really nice if the wood bed fame was in fantastic condition. But it needed to be refinished. It wasn’t bad, the stain was a little outdated and didn’t have a consistent color. I decided it would be a beautiful bed if it was white or fuchsia. I settled on white for two reasons. (1) I don’t plan on refinishing this ever again and (2) I already had paint, primer and supplies for white. So my refinishing costs is equal to my time, which isn’t cheap, but costs no extra money. 
Just call me Tom Sawyer...
I am currently working on the rest of the painting. I can take care of clumpy primer, but the actual painting needs to be even so the kids are out of the picture at this point. I will post a picture of the finished product. It looks 100 times better at this point than it did in the beginning! So exciting.

Oh! And I am also making a rag quilt and embellishing a bed skirt too for the bed. Not that I've started on the skirt yet, but it's on the to-do list!